$395 - StackPack 66liter OneKG External Frame Pack with Hook Belt - 2.2lbs - and Thru-hiker Accessory Package
In addition to the core OneKG pack, we include the following accessories with this package: Belt Pad Set / Mesh Back Panels / Slide-out SitPad / Trail Umbrella / End Pockets on bottom bag / Front Pack / Smell-Block Food Bags. Ultralight but very tough and durable for weekend trails or border-to-border thru-hikes. Includes the telescoping T-9 aluminum Frame hand made in our shop in Texas. The Frame and padded shoulder straps will fit any torso length, child to adult, guy or gal, no compromise on comfort; and the shoulder strap attachment point height can be changed while you are walking to shift weight from waist to shoulders. Bad back?... you cut set the frame and shoulder straps to put all the weight on the Hook Belt and none on your shoulders. The Hook Belt fits waists from 24 to 40 inches (optional large size below).

'Even Flow' Olsen, April 2017 -- "Just ordered a barrel bag for my old original luxurylite external backpack. (2005) Mine was red and you put my trail name on it. Its a great piece of equipment. I have used other backpacks, but always come back to yours. It is the Goldilocks of backpacks - right between the old externals and internals. I carry between 28 and 31 lbs for a week of hiking. Iíll be doing a section of the AT late April to late May. Your backpack always creates interest when Iím with other hikers. When I show them all the features they are impressed. It has held up well. I did sew a waterproof patch over one hole - easy to do, no leaks. The internal backpackers are jealous because I can get into my stuff easier then they can. They all love that it can be use as a chair."

You receive three of our made-in-Texas 22 liter 17x10" Barrel Bags. (The frame can hold up to 5 Barrel Bags.) The Barrel Bags are made with tough laminated three layer sail fabric that you cannot rip. The bottom Barrel Bag is protected by the slide-out coroplast sitpad so rocks cannot damage the fabric. The sitpad makes the pack into a comfortable high back lounge chair. The black fabric does NOT get hot in the sun. The shiny surface reflects sunlight and dirt does not stick. And the StackPack does not absorb rainwater and get heavier. (...most packs gain 1-2 lbs when wet.) The color of the fabric on the round endcaps will vary from the pictures... your pack will be a little different from any other. Barrel Bags are waterproof, no rain cover needed. You can float it across a stream and nothing inside will get wet. The shoulder straps slide horizontally along the top bag so no sternum strap is needed. You can add the Front Pack and other accessories listed below. The new WildWheels slide right into the frame at the bottom to create an ultralight hiking trailer option that can also be carried on your back. Free USA shipping. (Formerly the LuxuryLite StackPack).
(On a tight budget? Scroll down and build your own pack...).

$15 - Hook Belt Upgrade to fit 35 to 55 inch waist. Scroll down for more details.
$17 - The BigLoad Shoulder Tube - Slips onto the telescoping slider. Then you attach the two shoulder straps to the BigLoad Tube. Now you can set the Shoulder Straps to your perfect height, AND have the Slider way up high to hold more Barrel Bags or other bulky gear.

$60 - Optional UPS 2nd Day Air shipping to the 50 States for one Stackpack with accessories.
$75 - Post Office Air Mail shipping to Japan, Australia, EU, and most international destinations for one Stackpack and accessories.
$45 - Post Office Air Mail shipping to Canada for one Stackpack and accessories.

Details and Differences: On the trail since 2005, the StackPack works for overnight trips, national park treks, border-to-border thru-hikes, and any adventure in-between. Yes, it's totally unlike your current pack, like a drone is different from an old RC model airplane. But you will quickly get used to a pack that you can put on and off in seconds and leaves your torso free to walk and balance naturally. You can configure the StackPack to put no pressure on your shoulders or spine. All the weight can be directed down the aluminum vertical tubes straight to the hip belt and lumbar pad. The optional Front Pack puts weight out front to correct your center of gravity and make water/maps/GPS/phone instantly handy.

When you hike with the StackPack there is no more:
• adjusting dozens of straps,
• fixing jammed zippers,
• packing stuff sacks,
• finding some way to keep your sweaty back cool in summer and warm in winter.
• unpacking most of your gear to find that one thing at the bottom,
• stopping to put on the rain cover when it starts raining,
• taking off the rain cover to find something and lots of stuff gets wet,
• finding some way to strap on a bear canister because it won't fit inside,
• clicking/unclicking a sternum strap; the shoulder straps will slide horizontally and vertically.
• propping up your pack with a hiking pole so it doesn't fall into the mud,
• walking hunched over to balance a pack with junk strapped out back,
• picking thorns out of your waist belt,
• wiping mud off your waist belt,
• carrying a little rucksack for side trips,
• organizing all your stuff inside your tent because your bulky empty pack must stay outside.
• sitting at a rest stop with your pack on because it is so much work to take it off and put it back on,

Free Shipping, Lifetime Warranty, and 30 Day Free Trial. If the StackPack does not work for you, just send it back for a full refund.

Tap here to read this entire Review: "I can not recommend this pack enough. As a Scoutmaster for ten years I had an opportunity to try and to see all sorts of external and internal frame packs. This is the best, hands down, in every category. Why do I love this pack Ė Comfortable. No other pack is nearly as comfortable as this. I loaned the pack to my sonís girlfriend for her first backpacking trip ever Ė they came back engaged!! At Philmont... " Tom L. September 2014

You won't miss all those tiny pockets on your current pack because with the Hook Belt it takes only 3 seconds to have the pack standing upright on the ground or on a stump. And the pack is on your back again in 5 seconds. And you never had to unclick or adjust the shoulder straps or waist belt.

The Barrel Bags eliminate Hassle #1 while hiking... finding that thing you need fast! You have 3ft of velcro you can reach into anywhere so every piece of gear is just seconds away. Nothing gets buried two feet down at the bottom of your pack. Nothing falls out of little pockets you forgot to zip, nothing gets wet from leaky zippers.

The Barrel Bags give you flexible capacity For little trips you can use just one or two Barrel Bags. Gear junkie? Need even more room?... stack four or five Barrel Bags for over 100 liters. Or add the new Wilderness Wheels to make an ultralight wilderness trailer.

Tune the frame to your body. If you adjust the shoulder straps a little loose there is no weight compressing your spine. If you lower the frame slider and tighten the shoulder straps you can share the load between shoulders and hips. The external frame enables hiking with the coolest and warmest pack design.... in the summer no hot sweaty pads press on your back. The pack pumps cooling air as it moves fore and aft a little with each step. In the winter, you put the Hook Belt on first, then your parka. Your jacket's insulation stays fully lofted. You just lift the jacket tail before dropping the frame onto the Hook.

Ultralight with a total weight of 1 kilogram [2.2lbs, 35oz]. Popular packs are about twice the weight... the NorthFace Terra50 and the Osprey Atmos weigh 4lbs, the Arc'teryx Altra 65 and the Kelty Yukon weigh 5lbs. We achieve this level of performance by using artisan construction processes and the optimum materials in our Texas shop. USA sourced 7075-T9 aluminum tubing and fabric are purchased in small batches and quality tested before production. Calibrated milling machines are operated by hand, three different sewing machines are setup and tuned for different fabric components. We make batches of four at a time to insure the best quality and to speed up incorporating new features and improvements.

The modular construction means you can configure a PCT thru-hike pack or an urban travel pack that exactly matches your mission. And, if you lose or break some piece.... strap, frame tube, barrel bag,... that part can be replaced fast, in the field, at a low cost. Want to design your own pack?... you can buy just the Frame with Shoulder Straps and Hook Belt and mount any other bag/bags. The bottom shelf will hold a bear canister, chainsaw, baby seat, etc. See the pictures below for examples.

NEW - WildWheels

Converts your StackPack into an ultralight Hiking Trailer that will roll over 90% of wilderness trails. WildWheels slide up into the bottom of the StackPack Frame and are held to the frame with the Shoulder Strap clips. No bolts, or screws, or hinges. It takes only 10 seconds to attach or detach. If you have a pack that weighs 40lbs the wheels will carry about 30lbs leaving only 10lbs on the Hook Belt. Very stable with a 19" width that rolls down narrow trails. Delivers a smooth ride over rocks, gullies, roots, gravel, smoothly rolls up or down building stairways. If the trail gets too knarly or too vertical just lift the StackPack and set it onto the Hook Belt with the WildWheels hanging down. Walk until the next rolling section, then lift off the pack, extend the shoulder straps to full length, drop the top bar into the Hook and roll on down the trail. Heading into a long stretch of climbing/scrambling/snow.... you can pull the wheels out and stow them up high behind the Barrel Bags. They will even roll great in that position like an airport bag.

The wheels have sealed ball bearings so you can roll through mud, under water, and along a sandy beach with no problems. The solid tires (no flats) will last thousands of miles. And the wheels are easy to replace... held on with a nylock stainless steel nut. Constructed of anodized aluminum tubing with epoxy bonded joints. Never rusts or corrodes. You can strap heavy gear like ammo boxes to the WildWheels frame... or give the kid a ride! Weight is 2lbs.... the StackPack with WildWheels weighs 4.2lbs, less than almost all other wilderness backpacks.

$125 - WildWheels - Plugs into the StackPack frame. Can also be used when the Airport Wheels are plugged in. Can be set against the frame behind the Barrel Bags when not rolling. Or leave the WildWheels attached and hike with the wheels hanging below the pack. Free USA Shipping.

Or....buy the parts and pieces you need to build the perfect Stackpack for your mission...

Click each picture for a magnified view....

$125 - StackPack Frame with Shoulder Straps. This telescoping aluminum frame fits any torso length, child to adult, guy or gal, no compromise on comfort. Mount any bag or container you want to use. The maximum height of 36 inches allows you to mount 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 Barrel Bags. Or, with the Wheel Kit, use it for a rolling carry-on travel bag. The joints are epoxy bonded to make a frame that weighs only 16 ounces.
$145 - FlatPack Frame with Shoulder Straps. The only difference from the standard frame is the ability to remove the vertical tubes from the shelf so you can pack it down to 14x22x1 inch. Mesh Back Panels not included. Weighs 16 ounces.
$35 - Hook Belt fits 24 to 40 inch waist. Will work on any LuxuryLite Pack frame made since 2002. Weighs 8oz. New version makes it easy to use a velcro strap to keep the hook attached to the frame for hikers into running and jumping down the trail.
$20 - Hook Belt Pad Set. Adds comfort for carrying 50 lb loads. Includes two foam side pads that can be positioned anywhere along the belt to match your hip bones. Also includes a foam wrap for under your clothes to eliminate pressure points. Weighs 5 ounces
$35 - Factory 2nd 18x9" Barrel Bag - These 18x9" Barrel Bags are factory seconds with little sewing glitches you probably can't see. May be 18"x10". Capacity is 18 liters. No end pockets. They look like new and have the full lifetime warranty. We pick the colors... may be black, green, gray, or dark blue. All are made with lightweight laminated racing sailcloth and weigh less than 4 ounces each. Free shipping.
$39 -- Trail Umbrella - color may be black, brown or camo -- 7 ounces (200 grams). Free shipping. Hike in the shade all the time! Slips into the top tube extensions on either side of the StackPack frame. Packs down to 8" long by 2" diameter so it stores easily in any Barrel Bag or inside the Front Pack. The opened diameter is 34". You can slide your hand up and collapse the umbrella instantly for tight trail sections. The umbrella shaft telescopes so you can set how close it is above your head.
$45 - Front Pack / Hydration Pack / Rucksack
This unique Front Pack makes your total load feel 10 lbs lighter because the Front Pack hangs out in front counterbalancing the weight inside the backpack. The clear pocket on top holds your maps, permits, and you can operate your touch screen phone through the plastic cover. The bottom of the Front Pack has a beaver tail strap that slips behind the pack's waist belt, carrying most of the weight. Each top strap is looped over the top posts on the StackPack frame, gently pulling it forward so you don't have to hunch forward to stay balanced. In the middle compartment you put snacks, camera, GPS, etc; and the large compartment will hold four 1 liter water bottles.. a whole gallon. A DayPack too... the straps can be buckled on to the bottom to make a little BACKpack for side trips or water refills. Made in China. 600 cuin capacity, weighs 9 oz, 12" x 18" flat with 9x12 clear vinyl window.

$25 - Slide-Out Sit Pad. Your pack becomes a high back lounge chair in 5 seconds. Sit down instantly any place, anytime. Made from tough black coroplast. Pull it out, unfold, and sit down. You can set the pack frame to any lean angle from straight up... or way back to take a nap. Hides on top of the frame shelf under the bottom Barrel Bag. Weighs 3oz.
$20 - Mesh Back Panels. If you like the huggy feel of internal frame packs, you will like this pair of mesh fabric panels that hug your back and add comfort when carrying big loads. Width is 2.5" and colors may vary. You can tighten up the shoulder straps to make the pack fit tight and snug for technical trail sections... but still be totally ventilated. Easy to install or remove... just slide them up off the vertical tubes. 0.8oz.
$60 - 22 liter 17x10" Barrel Bag - 1335 cuin. Weight = 4.0oz. Three of these Bags will hold 40 lbs of gear and supplies. Plain ends with no pockets. Made with black gridstop laminated racing sailcloth. See the picture at the top of the page. Free shipping.
$10 - Add Two Pockets to Barrel Bag - The pockets on each end are made with tough black mesh so water drains right out and you can see what's in there. See the picture at the top of the page.
$60 - 22 liter Mesh Barrel Bag - 17x10 inches, no pockets. 1335 cuin. Weight = 4.5oz. Made with ultralight but tough see-thru mesh fabric. Carry wet clothes so they don't get moldy and can dry out.
$85 - 25 liter 20x10" Barrel Bag, with no pockets. 1550 cuin. Weight = 4oz. Made with black gridstop laminated racing sailcloth that is lighter and more durable than cuben fabric. Free shipping.

$45 - Acorn Tall Pack Bag. This is a traditional design internal frame pack bag, but with no shoulder straps, no waist belt, and no internal frame. Made in China. Tough coated nylon fabric. Weight is 2lbs. Waterproof fabric but standard zippers. Four zipper compartments. One zipper door into the main bag. It attaches to the neoTrekk external aluminum frame by sliding down over the vertical tubes. It takes less than half a minute to remove or attach this bag if you need to use the frame to, say, gather firewood. Will fit a 32" tall item inside. 2800 cubic inches (45 liters).

$39.95 -- Airport Wheels for the Frame Plugs into the frame in 5 seconds. then slide the shoulder straps to max length and lift up the frame top tube to its full 36 inches and roll your pack on any hard surface, inside or outside. The wheel set splits into two pieces and fits inside the coro-case or barrel bag when not in use. The pack frame will sit on the Hook Belt with the Wheel Set mounted. Weighs 4 ounces. Free shipping.
$11.00 -- Carbon Carry Handle for the Frame - Great for airport and business travel. You can carry the pack like a suitcase...slips over the vertical frame tube.
$325 -- neoTrekk ExtremeLite StackPack - (700 grams). The lightest expedition capable 66 liter internal or external frame pack you can find. Custom made in our shop one at a time. Lighter than frameless sack packs. But with all the advantages of an external frame pack... weight distribution control (even no shoulder/spine weight), ventilation, variable capacity, stands up all by itself. The three Barrel Bags are made with sailboat racing spinnaker fabric. No end pockets. Totally rainproof. No pack cover needed, no stuff sacks needed. The telescoping aluminum frame is optimized to remove every gram possible. Includes a special ultralight Hook Belt. StackPack accessories above will also fit the RadLite pack.
$125 -- neoTrekk ExtremeLite Frame with shoulder straps & Hook Belt.
$67 - ExtremeLite 22 liter 17x10" Barrel Bag with no pockets. 2.0 ounce 1335 cuin. Made with white spinnaker sailcloth. Free shipping.
$49.95 -- Hardside CoroCase & Seat - 30 liter capacity hard side case. Supports 300lbs sitting on top. Airline carry-on legal dimensions. Weighs 2lb 9oz. Rainproof, or it's a bucket - fill with water/ice/beer. Attaches/detaches in seconds to the aluminum frame with 4 velcro tabs. Any Barrel Bag will sit on top. Free shipping.
$16 -- Smell-Block Ziplock Food Bags. No need for a bear canister. A set of 4: one big 20x24" bag and three 8x10" bags. The big bag weighs 1.5 ounces, the little bag weighs 0.5 ounces. You don't have to hide a bear canister far from your campsite or hang your food from a tree. These bags have an internal layer of vacuum deposited aluminum that totally blocks food smells from bears, dogs, cats, raccoons, squirrels, mice, birds, and all other critters. Also keeps food fresh for months in your pantry because the layered plastic also blocks oxygen and moisture.
$189.95 -- MetroWild Wheeled CarryOn - Carry-on legal overall external dimensions: 22x14x9 inches and weighs only 4lbs. And it's an instant chair to sit on! Includes our telescoping aluminum frame with adjustable shoulder straps, removable hard side waterproof CoroCase with telescoping lid, side-carry handle, and the removeable wheel kit. You can mount one or two Barrel Bags on top of or below the CoroCase.

The removable plastic CoroCase is a 36 liter capacity box with no humps and bumps inside. The slide-up lid can add 6 liters of capacity. It is totally rainproof... leave your MetroWild out in a storm and nothing gets wet. Need some cold drinks during your urban or wilderness travels?... fill the corocase with ice and sixpacks.

If you're rolling your MetroWild through the airport or hotel and you need both hands free to send a text, you can slip your MetroWild over your shoulders like a regular backpack and keep on walking. With the CoroCase removed, the telescoping aluminum frame can be used as a dolly for a car seat, travel kennel, golf bag, etc. Don't like the white color?... you can spray paint the corocase any color or pattern you like. Or apply your own advertising designs and logo decals. Free USA shipping.
$595 -- Custom Frame. Made to your specifications.